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Welcome to the world of Mygaathe!

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a year ago

Welcome to the world of Mygaathe! Come sit in the Fly-By-Night tavern and have a chat with Catherine.

Episode Notes

Music from "Arcadia" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (

Music from "Folk Round" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (


[opens with angelic choir-like music, playing under voice]

Steph: Once upon a time at the beginning of the world, there was a great war between the 14 gods. Each fought for power and full control of all mortal's love. yet as the war raged on, the mortals suffered and perished in the crossfire. In turn, the powers of the 14 gods began to wane. Realizing this, the gods came to a fragile agreement of peace.They would lay down their arms, and in turn, assure their mutual existence. Some settled on portions of land, provinces of their own where their followers could be protected. Some sought the life of a nomad, traveling throughout the lands and sowing seeds of believers behind them. Others, simply vanished. Their whereabouts lost to the ages. This is where our story begins. The land of Mygaathe; where magic is just a normal part of life, and the gods walk among mortals.

[the sound of rain and thunder mingles with choir music, then choir music slowly fades] [the sound of a horse trotting] [a horse whinnies] [the sound of wet footsteps] [the sound of a door creaking open, followed by the sound of voices speaking and lively tavern music]

Steph:(as Katherine) Welcome traveler. Quickly,come in out of the storm. Welcome to the Fly-by-Night Inn. I'm Katherine, the owner. What brings you to our little village of Saart?

[A pause, where voices and lively music can be heard]

Steph: (as Katherine): Oh, I see. Not many other reasons to visit. Well, can I get you anything? A drink, perhaps?

[A pause, where voices and lively music can be heard]

Steph: (As Katherine) Ah, yes of course. I've heard about the heroes of Mygaathe, but it's not right to gossip.

[The sound of coins clinking mixes with the voices and lively music]

Steph: (As Katherine) Oh! Well, when you put it that way. Come closer. It all started a few months ago during our annual festival. They managed to save the crop of magical flowers that bloom here in Saart that had been stolen. Apparently, there's this dreadful group calling themselves the Acolytes of Ursa that had taken them. Seems they're stirring up all sorts of trouble in Mygaathe lately. Stealing, raising the dead, kidnappings--you name it! Well, word is that the heroes managed to help out a lot of fine folks and even garnered the attention of the goddess, Brigantia. You know, the head of our province? The very same. Well, it seems Brigantia sent them on some sort of secret mission in the ruins of her old temple of the Misty Woods near here. Must have been pretty important. Legends say, that folks who go in there meet a hard end. Literally, they turn to stone. And I tell you, while they were gone, I felt a great shake underfoot. And the air has felt so much darker since. They came out of the woods hours later, looking grim and missing a party member. Rumors say that they'd been sent to check of a mysterious weapon that was held at the temple. Seems like they didn't do well though. Still, it must have turned out all right somehow. I hear Brigantia declared all of them protectors of the province. Even the one that went missing. So, I suppose they found her. Last I heard, Brigantia had sent the heroes on a mission to the province of Pan to speak to the god there. I do hope they're safe, they still owe me money. Well, I'll let you enjoy yourself then. Come back and visit me soon.

[voices and lively music continue]

Steph: Hey mortals! I hope you enjoyed this teaser trailer for our new home brew Dungeons and Dragons 5e play podcast, Natural Fun. I'm Steph, and i'll be your DM for this adventure. You're joining our game when our heroes are at level 4, ya know, when you start to be able to throw really fun monsters at the group? Our episodes will be released every other Sunday, starting Sunday, September 1st. We hope you join our party. For more information, you can email us at [email protected], or you can follow us on Twitter at Naturalfun1. If you want to support our podcast, rate us 5 starts on Pinecast or wherever you listen, share us on any social media platform, or find us on Patreon. We're new to this whole, podcasting venture, so bear with us as we learn and grow. Let's get rollin!

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